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How it works

Apollo is essentially a Raspberry Pi with specialized effect software that connects to your LED strips and phone. A Raspberry Pi is readily accessible and more powerful than current market LED controllers.

If you already possess a Raspberry Pi, you can seamlessly integrate Apollo into your LED setup. Any part of the kit is easily replaceable with home substitutes.

The contents of the full kit include:

  • A Raspberry Pi with pre-installed software and appropriate connectors.
  • Power cord
  • USB microphone
  • LED strip

Users have the option to purchase any part of the kit separately.


Start by plugging in the LED strips to the connector on the pi.
Plug in your usb microphone.
And plug in your power cord to an outlet.

Download our app on the App Store!:

iOS: App Store

Android: Google PlayStore

Wait for the pi LED indicator to start blinking, this means the Apollo hotspot is up and running.

Follow the instructions on the app.

Enjoy full features of Apollo!